Advantages of a Professional Chimney Service

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This article is going to take a look at the countless of advantages it comes to using a professional as opposed to doing it yourself. In this case we will be specifically focusing on chimneys. Chimneys are a vital instrument to every home. In fact, your home will not operate properly or efficiently without one. This is why it is vital to take care of your fireplace and your flue. If your fireplace is old and outdated, or if your chimney has been having some functional problems as of late, you might want to check out Capital Chimney Corp – chimney sweep Chicago. By using a professional in the Chicagoland area, your fireplace and stack is guaranteed better results than if you were to try to do the project yourself.

chimney 1

Obviously a professional technician is able to complete tasks better than you can due to his knowledge and experience. Take it from thousands of “epic fails” on YouTube, you do not want to mess up your own do it yourself repair project. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a specialist has over you.

  1. Specialized equipment – they have equipment that is made just for completing the task at hand. This allows them to be more efficient and accurate than you could ever be without said equipment.
  2. Specialized training – specialists, regardless of their field of expertise, are expertly trained to become master technicians. This training allows them to possess vital knowledge and skillsets that laymen may not ever acquire without said training.
  3. Experience, experience, experience – if this is your first time attempting a job, or even your fifth, you will no doubt perform much poorer than someone who has already completed the task fifty or one hundred times. You know the old cliché, “Practice makes perfect?” In this case it rings very true.

We hope we have somewhat convinced you that looking up a video on YouTube or reading a WikiHow does not make you an expert on something. Make sure that if you live in the Chicagoland area, you check out In case you didn’t know, Naperville is a suburb 30 miles or so west of the downtown Chicago area. If you are still planning on attempting the job yourself, then we wish you the best of luck.

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John Francis Social Media Profiles

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John Francis has developed his knowledge in online marketing over the last couple of years to a great standard, where he is now able to advise business and mentor students of the digital realm.

John got his first taste of digital when introduced to Google analytics at university, where he became fascinated with the ability to use data to improve his website’s performance. As his knowledge grew, he began helping local business optimize their own websites. From looking at most popular pages and keyword entry, to stats such as bounce rate and time spend on page, John Francis was able to improve many people’s websites through simple tweaks and changes.

He now manages the lead generation channel for a large organization, solely responsible for generating over 7,000 qualified leads per annum. He focuses primarily on PPC, but SEO, email and affiliates are also heavily used in his processes.

“It’s never too late to get into digital marketing. With the landscape constantly changing, everyone needs to learn in order to keep up. The best thing you can do right now is take action, test something to get technical skills, take advantage of offers from Google and you’ll find your learning is greatly accelerated.” John Francis

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Advantages of a Non Slip Mat

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Advantages of a Non Slip Mat

Slip and fall Injuries.

Slip and fall injuries account for huge losses in many workplaces globally. The UK alone losses over $800 million to injuries that occur on slippery floors; according to a report by Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This notwithstanding, employers also face threats from expensive lawsuits launched by injured employees.

While risk of damage is unpredictable, measures can be put in place to negate the possibility of the perils. Non slip mats and rubber matting are a simple yet effective way of reducing workplace and office injuries significantly. Other than the injuries, the mats are also a better way to keep your office tidy and dry especially in wet conditions.

Rubber Matting for Entrances and Walk Ways

“Slippery Floor” is a common sing in many modern buildings nowadays. It is easy to walk on these floors when they are dry. However, moist and wet conditions (especially in winter) create quite a menace for visitors and workers in the office.

To reduce moisture dragged in by visitors and guests when they walk in and out of the office you can install non slip rubber mats at the front door. There various available mats to suitable whatever needs you have. Similarly most mats have interlocking edges and can fit in precisely to avoid any gaps- especially on paths that receive lots of foot traffic.

Black rubber matting

Rubber matting with bevelled edges


Food factories

There are specific anti slip mats for each need you have. For instance mats for use in food processing firms may not serve well as entrance mats or for walk ways. Such mats are heavier, rougher, very poor electricity conductors and specifically made to absorb more moisture. Such may not look attractive to clients and thus cannot be used in the front office.

A good mat should have a well textured surface so that it holds a tight grip on the shoe to avoid slips and falls. A good mat should also cover the floor entirely so that no room is left for error. However, front office non slip mats should be mildly colored with decorations to please clients and visitors

Bottom Line

The benefits that accrue when a firm incorporates non slip mats and rubber matting are incomprehensible. Besides saving the government millions of dollars, rubber mats withhold the safety of employees and raise their morale in the workplace. There’s no better way to protect employees and visitors from injuries than just using non slip mats. For more information check out wikipedia’s Rubber mat section.

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